You Can Succeed as a substitute teacher if you are at least 21 years old, have a high school diploma and one of the following applies to you:

  • Completion of the effective teacher training course or substitute 101

  • Teacher with an expired license who has completed online training course 

  • An education major student that is currently enrolled in a accredited 4 year program (college transcript required and a reference from academic advisor) (no online training required)

  • Teacher with current teaching license (not required to take online training courses)

  • Retired teacher or teacher assistant (not required to take online training courses)

If you need the Effective Teacher or Substitute 101 training you can enroll in one of the following:

  • Effective teacher training at Wilkes Community College. This is an online course with new classes starting every month. Please email Ms. Marina Brannock at 336-838-6210 for more information.  Cost is $30.00

How much do YCS substitutes get paid?

  • Individuals that have an effective teacher certificate and/or teachers with expired licenses will receive $120.00 per day.

  • Certified Teachers and Retirees that hold a current license will receive $144.00 per day.

  • Retirees with expired license and teacher assistants will receive $120.00 per day.

I am ready to succeed as a substitute teacher with Yadkin County Schools!  

 Complete a Health Examination Form

This form is required for all employees who work in the North Carolina public school system. You may visit your primary care physician or a walk express clinic for completion of the health examination.  Once completed it can be dropped off at our Board of Education Administration building or emailed to Stephanie Gray.

Complete the ESRR - For NC Retired teachers only

I am ready to Apply as a YCS Substitute Teacher!

I have met all the requirements and am ready to complete the YCS substitute application!

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